Seed Grants


DEADLINE to receive submissions is April 1st of each calendar year at 4 p.m. PST.

A maximum of Four grants can be awared to a maximum of $16,000 for all awarded grants.

The purpose of these seed grants is to fund research projects that further the development of the art and science of massage therapy.

The aim is to add to the overall massage therapy body of knowledge as practiced by RMTs in BC.

The grants have to be expended within one year, and are not renewable.

This grant can be used to:

  • develop a full research proposal for submission to a granting body:


  • conduct a small pilot project to test the efficacy of massage therapy (for example, but not limited to: collection of pilot data, recruitment of subjects and/or massage therapists to participate, development of methods for further research)


Funding Priorites

Clinical trials which evaluate the effectiveness and safety of massage therapy as practiced by RMTs in BC. Research concerning all components of the BC RMTs educational process including assessment of students, faculty and educational programs. Funding will be given to projects that investigate Massage Therapy as defined in The Health Professions Council of BC recommendations for RMT scope of practice statement: The practice of massage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissues and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of dysfunction, injury, pain and physical disorders of the soft tissues and joints by manual and physical methods to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, to relieve pain and promote health.



  • Project grants are available to individual or research teams in BC affiliated with a research facility or associated with a non-profit group
  • Applications can be submitted from any science or health discipline
  • Applications will be accepted from graduate students enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institution in B.C. Inexperienced researchers are advised that collaboration with an associate investigator who has current experience in the relevant research area will enhance the likelihood of a project receiving RMTBC funding
  • Priority will be given to research teams that include RMTBC members in their proposals. (For example as members of the research team, providers of the therapy)
  • The grants can be used for new or established clinical research projects, to extend an already established project or as matching funds for a project
  • Applications will be judged on the basis of scientific merit


Selection Criteria

Funds will be allocated by the Directors of RMTBC, whose decisions shall be considered final, on the recommendation of the RMTBC Research Committee in relation to:

  • the significance of the project to knowledge/evidence base of massage therapy
  • the rationale of the project established from previous research
  • the appropriateness of the design, subject selection, intervention, outcome measures and proposed statistical analysis to the research question
  • the feasibility of the project and likelihood of the project meeting its objectives within the stated time and budget

How to Apply

Applications for research grants must be received at the RMTBC office:

180, 1200 - W. 73rd Avenue Vancouver, BC   V6P 6G5

by April 1st, of calendar year at 4 pm, PST. One signed original application (stapled not bound) and one electronic copy Applicants will receive e-mail notification of the Board's decision within 2 months of submission deadline. An applicant may submit up to two separate applications but will be eligible for a maximum of one grant per year.

Project proposal

Applications should be prepared in such a manner that they can be read and understood in a general way without reference to any further material that may be provided in the appendices.

Take no more than 6 pages in size 11 font to outline your project proposal under the following specified headings; Background, Significance, Research question, Methods, Statistical analysis, Timelines, Feasibility, References. Provide sufficient detail to explain your proposal but please note that excess pages and/or explanatory appendices will not be included in the evaluation of the proposal.

Please be aware that funding will be awarded at the discretion of the board of directors of the RMTBC and all decisions are final.

A final project report is required no later than 12 months from the completion of the project and should indicate any publications and presentations related to the project. All publications and presentations from research carried out with the assistance of a Massage Therapists Association of BC grant must be appropriately acknowledged. A copy of publications must be forwarded to the RMTBC and/or the RMTBC notified of conference presentations.

Successful applicants are required to sign a formal agreement prior to receiving any grant monies.

Previous recipients of RMTBC See Grant

Please contact Bodhi Haraldsson for further information: