Balance Your Food Intake

Balance your food intake with your daily activities and energy needs to maintain a healthy weight. Strict weight control diets don't work in the long run. Most people who lose weight typically gain it back along with a few extra pounds. Instead of dieting adopt long lasting healthy habits such as eating well and keeping active.

Be realistic

Be realistic about your body weight. You can’t change the shape you were born with.
Make small and gradual changes to your eating and activity habits. Pick one eating and activity change and stick with it for several weeks before adding a new one. Small steps work better than giant leaps to improve healthy living habits for the long term.

  • Have a balanced breakfast every day. Eating breakfast is linked with having a healthy weight.
  • Skipping breakfast may lead to snacking and greater food intake later in the day.
  • Follow Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide and choose the number of Food Guide Servings recommended for your age and sex.
  • Limit your intake of foods and beverages high in calories, fat and sugar, and low in nutrients
  • Be aware of when you eat and why. Listen to your body and eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

You can download these tips HERE.