RMTBC Research Funding Timeline

RMTBC seed grant program has directly funded and assisted 17 research projects to date. Since 2005 RMTBC has contributed over $200,000 in direct funding for research studies and projects



Comprehensive review and meta-analysis of the effect of massage therapy on anxiety 

Dr. Christopher A. Moyer, Ph.D



2013 - 15

The effect of massage therapy to control nursing night shift related stress

Dr. Jean-Paul Collet, M.D., Ph.D. and Dr. Mir Sohail Fazeli, M.D., Ph.D.(c), University of British Columbia, BC Children’s Hospital




Tissue pressure effects of mechanical loading in chronic degenerative conditions: The role of manual therapy for the treatment and prevention of Avascular Edema 

Dr. David De Camillis



Manual therapy for axonal regeneration following a nerve crush injury

Geoffrey Bove, DC, Ph.D. and Susan Chapelle, RMT




A randomised clinical trial on the immediate influence of osteopathic treatments of the lower extremities on the autonomic nervous system

Christophe Lacour, RMT (presented a thesis project)



Visceral mobilization can lyse and prevent peritoneal adhesions in a rat model

Susan Chapelle, RMT and Geoffrey Bove, DC, Ph.D.




The development of evidence-informed practice guidelines for massage therapists in British Columbia working with People Living with HIV – Phase one

Victoria Bungay, Ph.D., RN & Isobel McDonald, RMT, RN, BScN, BA (Honors),

  • Presented at The Canadian Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (CANAC) conference, Saskatoon, 2009




A literature review rationale study to validate a multi-modal measurement approach for soft tissue assessment that would be useful for future (phase 2) massage study design to meet protocols for evidence-based practices

Jocelyn Cowie, RMT  



The efficacy of manual treatment of the bladder for stress urinary incontinence and related symptoms in women

Shelley Jackson, RMT & Heather Inglis, RMT



Pre-event massage for increased power performance

Dr. Gregory S. Anderson, Ph.D., John Forde, RMT.

  • University of the Fraser Valley
  • Report submitted as undergrad thesis by Alexandra Angeard, B.Kin.


Learning unconditional positive regard and overcoming stigma: Evaluating massage therapy student outreach to Vancouver’s supervised injection site: A descriptive pilot project

Dr. Vicky Bungay and Isobel McDonald, RMT




Best-practice home-care instruction protocol for massage therapists

Julie Dais, Ph.D., Research Director, Instructor at OVCMT. 



Massage therapy as a modality for post-treatment cancer patients

Susan Chapelle RMT

  • Developed into continued education course for RMTs


Massage and diabetes management

Dr. Jennifer Yao, Utopia Academy




Massage therapy and labour outcomes: a randomized controlled trial

Dr. Patricia Janssen, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine




The effectiveness of massage therapy in reducing pain, increasing functional performance and improving quality of life In patients with osteoarthritis of the hip: A pilot study

Dr. Julie Dais and Dr. Joyce Boon, Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy

  • Presented at – International Massage Therapy Research Conference, Seattle 2010




The effects of employer-provided massage therapy on job satisfaction, workplace stress, and pain and discomfort

Chris Back, BSc, CCPE, Bodhi Haraldsson, Elaine Lee, Helen Tam.



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