Dr. Robert Schleip and Lisa Prosser-Watson, RMT at the 4th World Fascial Research Congress

Dr. Robert Schleip, Ph.D., International Rolfing Instructor, Fascial Anatomy Teacher and Researcher with Lisa Prosser-Watson, a B.C. RMT attending the 4th World Fascial Research Congress. Dr. Schleip was happy to have representation from BC RMT’s and fondly remembers the 3rd World Fascial Research Congress in Vancouver. The World Fascial Research Congress helps to translate research into evidence-based techniques. As Mrs. Watson states, "it is a one-of-a-kind conference that helps health care professionals who focus on soft tissue treatment keep current with the latest academic knowledge on fascia improving our treatment outcomes. This knowledge helps continue to make BC RMT’s a strong and integral part of the health care system in BC and Canada.