RMTBC Scholarship Award

Value: One scholarship per year of $1000.00

Deadline: Submissions must be received by January 31, 2019

Description: The scholarship is awarded following the successful completion of an essay based on a chosen topic related to the profession of Registered Massage Therapy. 

Essay Topic for 2018

“What do you believe will be your greatest challenge in beginning your career as an RMT once you graduate?”
[SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED] Email your completed essay, along with your mailing address, to no later than January 31, 2019.


Applicants must be:

  • Actively enrolled and attending a massage therapy program at an accredited massage therapy colleges in British Columbia which is also a RMTBC member;
  • (The following schools are members of the RMTBC: WCCMT New Westminster/Victoria; Langara; OVCMT; VCMT)
  • A student member of the RMTBC. To become a student RMTBC member, email the office at and provide Name, School, and Year & Month of Graduation
  • Students may only recieve the award once


The RMTBC Essay Scholarship has been established to:

  1. Support and encourage active involvement by massage therapy students in issues important to their profession.
  2. Provide students with an opportunity to articulate their views on the role of massage therapy in BC’s health care system.
  3. Create an avenue for students to become educated and actively involved with the RMTBC in its role as advocate for the profession before government.

About the Award

  • One scholarship is awarded to an RMTBC Student Member every calendar year
  • The scholarship value for each fiscal year is set by the RMTBC Board of Directors
  • Winning applicants will have their award cheque sent by regular mail
  • Winning entries are not necessarily based on academic standing
  • The award will be annouced on the RMTBC Weekly E-Newsletter

Rules and Regulations

  • All submitted essays become the sole and exclusive property of the RMTBC.
  • No applications or essays will be returned.
  • Applicant entries and essays are not cumulative. In other words, an essay submitted for one award will not be considered for any subsequent awards.
  • An applicant who has won the scholarship in one school year can not apply again in a subsequent school year.
  • All applicants must be willing to have their submission forwarded to the designate (i.e.: Minister of Health) if the RMTBC decides to do so.
  • The RMTBC retains the exclusive right to use all or any portion of the winning essay, as it deems appropriate, including but not limited to, publishing in the RMTBC’s newsletter or magazine.
  • The RMTBC is entitled in its sole discretion to choose the winning application. All decisions are final with the exception that a winning applicant is found to have acted dishonestly in the preparation or submission of her/his application.
  • The award will be paid within two months of the application closing date.
  • The RMTBC may, at its exclusive and unfettered discretion, amend or terminate the scholarship award and any of the terms or conditions set out above, without prior notice.



2018 Student Scholarship Awards

Winner — Ruth Warren BA

Vancouver College of Massage Therapy

Bridging the Gap: Life After School. PDF




2017 Student Scholarship Awards

Winner — Suzie Morrison

Vancouver College of Massage Therapy

Insurance Plan Fraud: A problem that currently plagues the field of massage therapy. PDF



2016 Student Scholarship Awards

Winner — Daniel Dakin

Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapist

Equipped and Qualified: A Students Perspective of What Does Professionalism Mean to an RMT. PDF



2015 Student Scholarship Awards

Winner — Nicole LeBlanc

West Coast College of Massage Therapy

Advancing Massage Therapy within an Evolving Healthcare System: PDF



2014 Student Scholarship Awards

Winner — Nicole LeBlanc

West Coast College of Massage Therapy

The Role of Massage Therapy in Post-operative Care: PDF



2013 Student Scholarship Awards

Winner — Natalie Woodhouse

Utopia Academy

Why is Research Important to the Future of the Massage Therapy Profession: PDF



2012 Student Scholarship Awards

Winner — Sky Tait

West Coast College of Massage Therapy

The Significance of Research to Massage Therapy: PDF