Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that effects the immune system and central nervous system (composed of the brain and spinal cord). MS can occur at any age but is usually diagnosed between the ages of 15-40.

Symptoms: most common symptoms are inflammation of myelin, over all muscle weakness (especially in the back), balance problems, blurred vision, poor posture and alignment.

Cause: there is no concrete answer to the cause of multiple sclerosis as its abnormalities attack parts of the brain. Doctors suspect that genetics and a person’s environment may be the root of MS.

RMT Treatment

Registered Massage Therapists May Help:

  • Use deep tissue or myofascial release to increase oxygen and circulation around the body
  • Can improve range of motion amongst joints
  • Provide strengthening exercises for weakened muscles
  • Can improve fatigue and pain to enhance quality of life

Selected Research:

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