Examples of RMTs who have had an excellent experience with the RMTBC

Lauren McAdam, RMT

I'm a member the RMTBC association, first year so far. I get my insurance through them, and I've used the travel health insurance (included free for 30 day trips), three times now. Access to the PubMed research articles is great, plus the librarian will pretty much get you anything you can't access. I've used many of their PDF forms for clinic charting as well. I've called a couple times for random questions when I was starting up, but haven't used the one-time freebie legal advice yet. I once went to the office to get some of their printed brochures about different things massage is good for (ie. osteoarthritis, cancer, whiplash, pregnancy, they have about 10), and they wanted to fill my bag with all sorts of goodies. Easy marketing for me at my clinic. I'd like to get involved in a research project with their help when I'm ready for it. The bigger picture is what they do for the profession as a whole, which I think is worth every penny. Every RMT benefits from their work, but not everyone is a member.


Kelly Thorne, RMT

Thanks for your very informative comment Lauren McAdam! It sounds as though the RMTBC association offers a lot of valuable resources in addition to their work in advancing the profession. The travel insurance is a nice bonus too


Here are some testimonials from patients who support the work of our RMTs


Dorit Hoffmann, RMT

. . .Connective Tissue . .. Connective Tissue!

My connective tissues feel marvellous!  There is an immense difference since Monday.  I just picked myself up off the floor . . .where I was doing my morning Yoga.


Move over Donald Trump.

Dorit for President!


Garth Glowa, RMT

Hi Garth,
I just wanted to send you a quick thank you – after that one treatment I’ve been able to move my hips and back with total ease and freedom!

Kind regards, Cheryl


Jag Grewal, RMT

Jag is a great massage therapist who takes care of his clients' goals and explains everything in detail so we have a better knowledge and understanding of how our body works and what we need to keep doing to maintain a healthy physique and lifestyle. Best place by far for my massage or chiropractic needs. Thanks, Jag.

J. B.

Chic-ette Chartres, RMT
My name is Dawn and I was born with Erbs Palsy which means I have paralysis in my right arm because of nerve damage from when I was born. As an adult I felt that I was losing mobility, strength and length in my arm. As a child I had gone through lots of physical therapy, so I thought that I would give it another try. As the time went on seeing my physiotherapist I was noticing that the “stretching” and exercises she was doing with me wasn’t helping. I had gone to an appointment where I was then told it would be my last as the physiotherapist felt there was nothing else she could help me with. I was devastated as I didn’t know what to do next to help with my arm. My mom had then told me about Chic-ette Chartres at Better Health Therapeutics and how she felt that Chic-ette would be able to help with the condition of my arm with massage therapy. I called, made my appointment, and it was honestly the best decision I had ever made. Within a couple treatments I could already feel that my arm was hanging longer, straighter and not as tight as it had been; friends and family had noticed the difference in the way my arm hung as well. It wasn’t the easiest process as I ended up with lots of bruisings and being sore however to me it was worth feeling confident with my arm and having more use of it. I have been on this journey with Chic-ette for the 8 months now and I know it’s going to be a long road, however, I am so thankful that I decided to try a different way as it turned out to be an amazing experience. 
Mike Dixon, RMT
I have been beyond impressed and humbled by the level of service and attention I have received from Mike. I was immediately blown away by the level of attention I received from the initial phone call. This was the first time that I felt I was in good hands…there were no pressure or dramatization of my condition. If you are living with any kind of muscular skeleton pain, you know how debilitating and frustrating it is on your life…and I am absolutely indebted to Mike and his team for giving me my life back. Like most of us I mostly enjoyed reading peoples feed backs than writing my own, but this experience has inspired me for the first time to write a review for what I believe was and is the best wellness centre I have experienced in Vancouver. I’m so confident at the core principals of the management of this establishment that I AM willing to guarantee that you will be dealt with ethics and care. I am now pain free, active, and enjoying my life again…thank you Mike…no amount of money will justify what you did for me…I wish you and your team nothing but success…you have my vote for life."

A. S.

Char Hunter, RMT

My name is Adrian, I’m 62.  I am a geologist and have always been fit and healthy which is important since being able to scramble through rain forest, over desert or the tundra of Canada is an essential part of my job. In January I had a nasty fall in New Zealand while on a long hike with my daughters. It felt like I’d broken my leg. I hobbled back to our car feeling pretty bad. Next day there seemed to be no after effects but a couple of weeks later my hip started to hurt and as my leg began to compensate for the hip pain, my knee hurt even worse. I was limping, it was painful to walk. I could hardly bend my leg enough to get a sock on. I could not lie on my left side in bed. Sitting in the car was very uncomfortable. Sleeping became a chore. I tossed and groaned all night, my wife started sleeping on a couch in the lounge. I went to a GP and then to a specialist orthopedic surgeon. X-rays revealed I had damaged the cartilage in my hip, already weakened by some arthritis. The surgeon said I needed an artificial hip and that I should book immediately for the procedure, in about six months! I was taking pain killers and anti inflammatory pills. I went to a physiotherapist who used acupuncture as part of his treatment. That made it worse. Then I went to see Char. After two months of weekly and then two weekly treatments by Char my pain is all but gone, I sleep like a log, no pills, no limping.  Sue’s back in our bed. And hopefully I have delayed the hip surgery for years. Char has me doing water aerobics, regular exercise, stretching and thinking positively.  Next week I’ll be in the Yukon looking for gold, that’s my job. So, if you have problems like mine there is a little bar of gold here in Vancouver, her name is Char Hunter.


Jennifer Sandman's testimonials

I have been a client of Jennifer’s for several months now as a result of neck and upper back injuries sustained in a car accident. Jennifer is personable and professional, making you feel at ease the minute she enters the room. She is an excellent communicator and passionate about her profession. Since seeing Jennifer and incorporating RMT into my rehabilitation I have noticed huge benefits in my range of motion and pain reduction.



In February 2013, I came to Jennifer after my doctor had determined that Massage Therapy could be beneficial for alleviating pain and severe leg muscle tightness connected to chronic back problems. In my first meeting with Jennifer Sandman, I was hunched over and walked with a shuffle. Her first priority was to straighten me up and improve my mobility. Since then, every session has produced positive results. This is no doubt because of her amazing knowledge of the body and her ability to use different methods to get results. With Jen’s guidance, compassion, and genuine interest in my well being, I will continue to make improvements in my health. I would recommend Jennifer Sandman to anyone. Having her come to my home has helped a lot, because I find it more relaxing and the sessions booked have been longer.


Jennifer Sandman, RMT
Total Rejuvenation Massage Therapy
Nanaimo, BC

Tiffany Walker's Patient:
Tiffany Walker, RMT is outstanding. I have recommended her to friends and family at every opportunity. After years of sports and tight muscles, Tiffany managed to restore flexibility and range of motion to my body (and to reduce stress!). Additionally, following a shoulder injury Tiffany was instrumental in speeding up the recovery process. She is so knowledgeable and friendly, organized, on time and amazing at what she does. Tiffany always goes above and beyond; she has recommended and demonstrated exercises and stretches to do at home for recovery and is always willing to discuss and recommend other therapies and practices for healing. I can’t thank her enough and will continue to recommend her to anyone interested in massage therapy!

Stu McNish, Executive Producer & Head of Research, Oh Boy Productions 



Stu McNish:

Who  knew?

Definitely not me! For the better part of ten years I’ve been limping around with what has become a chronic pain in the heel of my right foot.

I’ve asked a variety of health care providers about it. I received many opinions and recommend therapies.

Then I went to a Registered Massage Therapist because of a pull muscle in my back. In passing I mentioned the pain in the heel – and low and behold the cause was pointed out to me in living colour. Ouch!

And then came the relief – Oh My GOD what a difference.

Now when I leap up out of the chair I can walk right away – no more hobbling for twenty or more steps. Same thing when I get out of the car.

All that after one treatment, I’m going back for a couple of follow ups to undo so many years of knotted muscle.

Now I know – I should have seen the RMT first.


Karim Khan:
Massage therapists provide a special dimension of health care to help some patients in ways that no other discipline can match. Massage therapists are an essential element of world-class treatment and prevention of acute and chronically painful conditions. If I were setting up a clinic in Vancouver I would certainly seek to partner with registered massage therapists.
Dr. Karim Khan, Professor
Department of Family Practice, UBC

Testimonials Laura Meikle has received:

N.H., Vernon, BC

Exceptional.  Attentive.  Meticulous. Intuitive.  Accommodating.  Healing.  That's Laura Meikle. She has worked on me since 2004 and she has paid close attention to where the "source" was. She intuitively knew where to focus and patiently worked through my requests. I always leave Laura’s massage sanctuary feeling both energized and relaxed.  Laura is soothing, calming, and a great human being that actually cares about people's well-being.  I recommended everyone I know to her and can't praise her healing energy enough.


K.C., Vernon, BC

Hi Laura,

Just want to thank you for your healing hands today- my foot is going to be so much better for all your work. You have made my trip - I was kind of dreading it with my toe aching like a tooth ache. 



N.S., Vernon, BC

I have used massage therapy for improving the circulation in my feet, healing whiplash from a car accident and general maintenance to reduce stress points in my body.

Before I began massage therapy, my feet were always cold. After several sessions at Body Vital Massage Therapy, they began to feel a normal temperature.  After a car accident, a Doctor diagnosed my injury as whiplash. I chose massage therapy as one of the recommended treatments for healing. Laura Meikle treated and healed the whiplash with massage therapy.

I use massage therapy on a monthly basis to reduce areas of tightness from the daily stresses of life. I feel great after a session. I highly recommend Laura Meikle for massage therapy because of the way it benefits me.


D.M., from Powell River, BC

I had debilitating shoulder pain, going right down to my forearm and was misdiagnosed by a different therapist for a rotator cuff issue when Laura reassessed me and found a cervical disc herniation in my neck. My doctor’s CT scan confirmed her assessment. Laura gave me homecare and changes in my daily living which helped me heal and I have thankfully never had a return of pain. Then I broke my shoulder and had Laura work on me again. My shoulder was stiff and my mobility was very limited and painful. Laura did rehab massage on me, stopping the spasm in the muscles and returning the circulation, and although the treatment was painful, it did a world of wonders. My mobility immediately afterward was a remarkable change with way more movement that was pain-free. I could not believe the difference. It was a huge help and enabled me to start using my arm in normal ranges of motion again. I am so thankful for the fantastic work she has done for me.


D.R., Vernon, BC

I have been receiving therapy from Laura for over a year now and have experienced a real difference in the frequency of headaches I get and a marked improvement in general shoulder and neck movement.  Laura focuses on overall wellness. She does not have me rely solely on regular massage appointments for my wellness however; she provides guidance for exercises to strengthen one’s body and to maintain the benefits of her treatments.

Additionally, Laura’s Cranial Sacral Therapy has benefited me in reducing levels of tension in my body and providing deep levels of relaxation.


G.N., Vernon,BC


Laura turned me into a believer in the benefits of massage therapy. As a dedicated runner and occasional triathlete, I had tried massage as a way to loosen up tight muscles and because I had heard it was good for muscle health, but couldn’t really tell if it was making any difference. Then one time I was plagued by a chronically sore Achilles tendon so went to visit Laura. After only one or two treatments, I was surprised to find that I was pain-free. If you’re looking for a skilled massage therapist who is personable and knowledgeable, and who won’t scold you for not doing the stretches she suggested, give Laura Meikle a try. 


P.M., Vernon, BC

I have found Laura Meikle to be a phenomenal massage therapist. When I go to her with my aches and pains she instictively knows where to massage to alleviate anything that might be hurting. I rely on her expertise and will not go to anyone else. Thank you Laura!!! 


D. T., Vernon, BC

Laura, thank you seems really inadequate to someone who has done a huge amount of extra research to get rid of those awful migraines all while making me smile and laugh as well as helping me on my journey to balance and healing in the gentle way you have. You are an amazing person whom I'm blessed  to know and learn from so as inadequate as it is, thank you.


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