Sending e-Transfers to RMTBC

As an alternative to paying by credit card, you can now use Interac e-TRANSFER to securely send your payment from your financial institution to the RMTBC.


  1. Login to the online banking site of your financial institution and navigate to Interac e-Transfer. This is usually found in the Transfer / Payment section of the institution’s online banking website.
    • Email Address: [email protected]
    • Mobile Phone Number: blank
    • Send Transfers By: email
    • Security Question: Anything you want
    • Message: If the name on the bank or credit union account differs from the name of the member who is renewing, please make note of it here.
  2. Add the recipient “RMTBC” with the following information:
  3. Send the payment.
    GST Insurance Total
    General Membership
    – with insurance
    $350.00 $17.50 $260.00 $627.50
    General Membership
    – without insurance
    $350.00 $17.50 n/a $367.50
    Senior (60+ years)
    – with insurance
    $250.00 $12.50 $260.00 $522.50
    Senior (60+ years)-
    without insurance
    $250.00 $12.50 n/a $262.50
    without insurance
    $50.00 $2.50 n/a $52.50
    without insurance
    $1200.00 $60.00 n/a $1260.00
  4. Security Answer: Please send the answer to your security question to [email protected] so that the payment can be processed.  Please include your name, the amount you have sent and what the payment was for. 
  5. Note that your membership and insurance will not be active until the funds are received.